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Art Steinhobel Industrial design and product development company, featuring product design, DFM, plastic injection molding, furniture design, medical design, automotive design, web design, app development and much more

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Steinhobel Design and NX  

Role of African Designers with Brian Streinhobel

Turning the mundane into spectacular returns

International Design and editorials

Be Inspired: Speaking Announcement Brian Steinhobel

Brian Steinhobel was born in Johannesburg on 6th January 1960.

He was drawn to Art at a very early age and started creating in many diverse ways as a young boy.

Cutting the legs off the dining chairs at home to place as the seat into a wooden Box Kart was one of the first occurrences of Brian being in a spot of trouble for thinking “differently” and “out of the box”.


At the age of 8 Brian unwittingly created his first piece of proper Industrial Design by scribbling the shape of a chair on the side of a large block of foam obtained from a factory near to his home. He then cut a curvilinear chair out of it with a bread knife and used this chair until the end of his schooling.


Brian spent his 12-years of schooling at King Edward VII Preparatory and High school in Houghton Johannesburg.


Here he completed Matric with distinction in Art also having won the top Art Award in the school for three consecutive years.


At school Brian developed a deep affinity to Art encouraged by his teacher Mr. Edwin Harrison, who profoundly influenced his appreciation of Art and History of Art and Architecture.The teachings of Mr. Harrison who Brian recollects with much fondness and respect was how Brian learned to channel the inspiration Art had to offer into his own development.


Brian excelled in athletics and swimming with records in high jump and breaststroke which lasted many years after his departure. A highlight of his school days was achieving South African school colours for rowing, a sport he continued through his military career and tertiary education.

Design Indaba: Brian Steinhobel

Brian Steinhobel founded and heads up the Steinhobel Group of Companies, carrying out consultant and entrepreneurial product development with industrial design clients spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Work is carried out in a multitude of industries, including sports equipment, appliances, furniture, automotive and aeronautical, to name a few. His work has a bias towards complex injection-moulded plastics, pressure die-cast aluminium, cadcam and animation. Some of Steinhobel's clients include Lever Ponds, Colgate, SmithKline Beecham, Siemens, Arrows Formula One Team, Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Nissan, Coca-Cola, Elna, Shell, Zodiac and Virgin.

Steinhobel serves on the Advisory Council for Industrial Design and is a past president of Design South Africa ID. He also judges numerous local and international awards in various capacities, including the German Braun Design Prize and the Australian Design Awards. His own awards include the Technology Top 100 Minister's Award, Warwick University Technology Excellence Award, Design Institute SABS Chairman's Award, Business Day Technology Award, International Gold Photography Award and the Canon Wildlife Photography Award.

Business of Design: Brian Steinhobel

The True Value of Design – Unlocking Your Return on Investment

Brian Steinhobel is recognised as one of the world’s most prolific industrial designers, with a career spanning almost four decades. Based on innovation and specialist manufacturing know-how, his work ranges from sports equipment, appliances and furniture to automotive and aeronautical designs. His clients have included Gianni Versace, Nigel Mansell, Coca-Cola, Shell, BMW and Hewlett Packard, and he is credited as co-inventor on a few hundred patents due to his inventive processes in resolving a product’s development.

Brian is a past president of the Council for Industrial Design and has been the recipient of the Design Institute SABS Chairman’s Award and Business Day Technology Award, to name a few.

Trademark Design

Design flows through in a stylised monogram to provide a personal touch to every product created by Art Steinhobel. The applications shown here are a mere morsel of the branding projects the company is engaged in.

Every new product development that comes on stream is treated with the same attention to detail and branding controls. This involves being mindful of the best reproduction available for different materials and technologies.

We chose black and white as the simplest pure form to allow translation onto any material, be it moulded in the die casting mould, embossing and printing. Careful consideration has been given to the negative areas of the logo to ensure precise reproduction.

Steinhobel Design is an industrial design and product development consultancy which serves diverse industries namely electronic, packaging, appliances / white goods, mining, medical, furniture, pharmaceutical, automotive, sports equipment, information technology products and many others. These clients span Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Incorporating different materials and technologies allows for effective crosspollination of technology transfer in the design solutions. This also allows for a high level of lateral thinking in the process of creating innovative product development with the appropriate material or combination of materials and technologies.

The studio has in-depth experience of plastic injection moulding design, pressure die-cast aluminium design, extrusion design and bottle / container design.The company uses the highest level of technological equipment available to execute the design process, it is a combination of Siemens NX | Catia CAD SEATS/interfacing with CAM computer modelling and other systems.


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From Super Cars-to Super Yachts-to Super Market Trolleys Part 1


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